Web design and hosting
"The noblest search is the search for excellence" - Lyndon B. Johnson

Web Design and Hosting

The use of the internet gets more and more popular everyday and opens a lot of doors when it comes to a business. The internet holds the perfect captive audience so make sure that you make it a priority to get your business online and watch your sales soar.

Here at Spectrum Graphics we can offer a range of services depending on how you want your website to look. We range from a one page basic site up to a full CMS website. CMS allows you to login in to your website and edit the content of the website for yourself. This comes in very useful when you have products for sale and you may want to add new stock, remove products due to them being out of stock, discontinued or you have simply stopped selling that product or to change prices if you have a sale on for example.

Spectrum Graphics also offers a web hosting service so that your website becomes accessible through the internet as well as an email service, this is where there are emails set up for your website such as info@businessname.co.uk, these emails can then be directed to your personal emails or to the company emails.

If you want a bespoke website building for your business then make sure you choose us at Spectrum Graphics.

The World Wide Web At Your Fingertips

By putting your business on the internet you are increasing your target audience massively and allowing your business to become more well known and create an increase in numbers of repeat customers.

When creating your website we will make sure that it is rich in content so that you will rank higher on search engines as well as being very visually appealing to your audience. All of our websites leave us designed completely to our customers specifications so that you are receiving the perfect website for your needs.

With a very thorough understanding of how the internet works and how websites need to adapt to be found by search engines, we can make sure that your business becomes a roaring success through an eye catching, well designed website that makes sure your business sells itself to your customers as well as being built properly to withstand the high standards of search engines.

If you want a website designed and hosted whether it is for business or other reasons at a good price and that has also been built correctly then make sure you choose us at Spectrum Graphics, we are happy to guarantee you wont be disappointed with what you get, so why not do the best thing for your company as possible, whether you already have a website that needs a complete redesign or you need a brand new website, Spectrum Graphics are the web designers for you.