Large Format Print
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Large Format Printing

Here at Spectrum Graphics we offer a large format printing service, large format printing allows us to print on bigger materials, this can be a standard poster at A2 size up to A0. We can print on to unusual substrates for example die bond aluminum and canvas, these can be mounted or direct media prints.

The use of posters in advertising are a fantastic way of getting your business, product or service known. If people are walking or driving past your poster everyday then they are bound to remember you. Therefore you have more chance of getting yourself more business.

If you have a special photo that you want to display on canvas to add that special little something to your home then large format printing is the perfect way. No matter what size you want the canvas to be, here at Spectrum Graphics we will make sure that your photograph is presented beautifully on to canvas.

So if you feel your business could benefit from large format print, or you want to display that special photo, then make sure that Spectrum Graphics is your first choice of printers to ensure that you get the top quality product that you deserve, our large format printing really is second to none so make sure you take advantage of our fantastic services that we provide.

Think Print, Think Big

Large format printing is perfect for use in an advertising campaign, the use of posters is a great way to get yourself known, giving you a bigger space on which to advertise what you do and through the help of our amazing design team your poster will be catching everyone’s eyes for all the right reasons.

The use of posters means that you don't have to stand around handing out flyers, you can simply hang them up and let them do the work for themselves. The use of posters allows for a bigger audience of people seeing your advertisements, and you are more likely to be remembered than through the use of flyers which can easily be thrown away.

Large format print is not just for advertising, if you want a picture putting on to a poster then that is absolutely no problem for us. Canvasses are proving to be a more and more popular way of showcasing your special photos in your home. Spectrum Graphics fantastic large format printing service means that your picture will be put on to a canvas of your choice whilst still remaining to be a quality looking image.

For Large Format Printing that is second to none for quality and finish then make sure you choose us at Spectrum Graphics and see the quality for yourself.