"The noblest search is the search for excellence" - Lyndon B. Johnson


The way any type of marketing product is designed can decide whether it is a successful campaign or not. A boring design that doesn't attract the eye will not help to sell products or services.

Spectrum Graphics offers one of the very best design services that can help boost sales with an eye catching and stylish type of advertisement without overdoing it. Our team of in house designers can use their creative and artistic talents to design you the perfect print to allow your business, product or services to stand out from the crowd and make sure that they attract everybody's attention.

If your business is in need of a marketing campaign then with the help of Spectrum Graphics we can print you leaflets and flyers, brochures and posters to help promote your business. All of these can be designed by our wonderfully talented design team, if you have ideas on how you want your products to look then the design team can incorporate these ideas in to their designs, or if you are stuck for ideas the designers can come up with ideas completely from scratch.

If you want your printing to look as professional as possible then our design team can do this no problem and make your items, whether posters, flyers or business stationery, we can make sure that you stand shoulders above the rest for design and quality.

Make your business shine with a fantastic design

The use of good graphic design in your marketing campaigns can be the difference between success and failure. You need to have an eye catching advertisement to make sure that it grabs the readers attention.

Our fantastic in house design service can be used on any product whether it is for advertising purposes or for personal use. If you want to redesign your business and for example want a new logo creating or your current one updating we can design this for you as well as printing your new logos on to all of your business stationery.

If you are starting up a new business then you need to get yourself known. With the use of graphic design you can create a logo, by either incorporating your ideas with the designers or giving the designers free reign if you aren't exactly sure on what you want. Either way our designers will provide you with beautiful examples of their creativeness that will no doubt help boost the awareness of your business.

Therefore if you are looking for a design service whether it is local to us in Bexley, national or even international, we can provide you with fantastic designs hat will stand out from the crowd and allow you to sit back and relax knowing that you will be getting the best design service possible.